Thursday, March 27, 2008

for awhile

I have not posted. This has not been laziness - just a reflection that the more I engage and comment upon the world I see has not been particularly useful. At least for me.

Stating the obvious has left me somewhat in schadenfreude - or at least, seeing the inevitable results of our common condition - deflated.

My energies will be directed towards another form of creation. Whether a better pullshot or as a better hucker, I can't say.

Maybe in the creation of fiction, something will emerge.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CO2 is not pollution

This is.

And while the 'global warming' crowd becomes the 'climate change' crowd (because the warming models are failing), we may have to deal with a future that constrains the use of mood altering drugs - due to the attendant pollution and environmental impact they cause.

Bad news for all of the zombies - they'll be without their 400mg ready made victim enhancer.

Sticking near the Russian border

Here is an interesting journal from a gal who rides through Chernobyl, and is kind enough to share the ride.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

As Conservative as a Liberal

Despite all of the bull that the CPC has put out on the concept of personal freedom and responsibility (eg.: a non-intrusive nanny-state, ala conservative policy), it's a shame to see the health minister Tony Clement, waste $64 million on a drug policy that is mainly mis-information , while pandering to big pharma.

Worse, his article in the National Post establishing the reasons for the policy include the ever-so-liberal statement: "In the absence of clear advice from government, young people often receive their information from the worst sources:....."

Curiously, no parents, teachers, or responsible peers exist in this world of government.

This is how national policy gets made: by pandering to votes from a bunch of passing puritans from the 905.

Way to go Ontario - you set the national agenda. Again. And again.

And please government, give me a clear message so I'll know what to type next. I am so very lost without you.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lucky Seven

Seems the feds only like to prosecute natives when it cuts into their action.

Unlike Caledonia and illegal smoke sellers, these casinos pull in the big change.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Who Knew?

In the coolest piece of musical trivia I have heard in years, I now know where Lieutenant Lush ended up.

For some context, Malcolm McLaren, the mind behind the Sex Pistols, Adam Ant, (Vicious),and a host of punk and post punk music efforts, 'discovered' a 14 year old singer at a dry cleaners in London.

Convinced youth and energy were at the heart of rock n' roll, McLaren launched the band, called Bow Wow Wow. The album and tour had a pretty fluid song list, yet backed into the Top 50 on US charts with "I Want Candy", a cover song.

The original lineup of Bow Wow Wow had another singer: Lieutenant Lush, whose presence was seen as too distracting from the 14 year old phenom Annabella Lwin.

Hustled out of the band as they broke out, Lt. Lush went on to form a band who went on to sell far more records than Bow ever hoped to.

That Lieutenant became Boy George, of Culture Club.